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In this eBook Patrick Dague discusses how Wall Street investment brokers routinely access the $5 trillion just sitting in investor IRA, 401K & other types of personally controlled retirement accounts in the United States alone.  More details are available in his eBook titled:
Step-by-Step Instructions:  How to Get IRA, 401K & other
Retirement Account Money for Your Business.

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This eBook introduces the 7 Step System to raise private capital for startups,real estate ventures and internet-based businesses. The author, Patrick Dague, has raised literally millions of dollars for his own ventures & successfully coached others.

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It is easy & inexpensive to use templates when creating the legal documents needed to raise money from private investors. Available templates include: (1) a simple loan agreement, (2) a joint venture agreement and (3) a Private Placement Memorandum, also commonly referred to as a PPM, plus more. In his Core Training Patrick Dague provides examples of each one, including suggestions concerning which one may be appropriate in a given situation.

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This short video shows by example just how easy it is to use document templates when raising investor dollars.  They can save you a lot of time & literally thousands of dollars in legal fees - it is definitely worth taking a minute or so to see it!

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True success comes from within.  That concept, along with a setback that helped me to better understand that deep truth, is reviewed in this video. It comes with an eBook and  forms for writing down business and personal goals. 

Patrick Dague

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